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Jewellery Shop in Delhi

The festival season has just come to an end, but has it really? Every year in India, the end of festivities marks the beginning of an eon of celebrations. The ever so awaited wedding season is here. A reason to dress up again, after the fun and frolic of festivals; adorn yourself in dazzling jewellery, admire the alluring pieces worn by your near and dear ones. Jewellery and India are nothing less than synonymous.

India is a country where jewelry is primal, at times given much more emphasis on, more than the attire itself. There are various types of artistry and styles when it comes to the design of jewellery. To add to its resplendence, metallic jewellery is further enhanced by adding diamonds and other distinctive types of gems. Traditionally, Indian jewelry is made up of heavy and voluminous gold pieces, but off late other kinds of jewelry made of silver, platinum and other metals is becoming quite popular amongst the masses. The popularity of jewelry made of stone, encrusted on metal, is growing fast.

Whether it is a delicate specimen or heavily embellished piece suited for weddings, a piece of jewellery well designed and crafted is bound to steal hearts away. Such is the jewellery proffered by NARANGS RAJ JEWELLERS, a formidable name in the jewellery territory. Established in 1905, NRJ produces skillfully crafted jewellery. NRJ’s expertise is unmatched when it comes to Gold and Diamond Jewellery, precious Metals, Gems and Stones, Gold and Silver bullions. Their prowess lies in the designing, manufacturing and marketing of ornamental Gold, Diamond and precious Gems and Jewellery; all essentials to beautify an Indian wedding.

Be it the bride herself, the bride’s mother or a distant relative, NRJ has something to offer to each and everyone. Their designs are exquisite; the craftsmanship is of unmatched quality and all of this along with the ever expanding range of variety. From Kundan to Meenakari, Jadau to Tarkashi, you just have to name the style and NRJ will have it for you. It is not just about the authentic patterns but even the modern designs and styles are designed and crafted with same elegance. NRJ is touted as one of the leading Designer Stores in Delhi; with 46 years of un-rivaled performance, NARANGS RAJ JEWELLERS has emerged as an innovative and a widely accepted household name in Gold and Diamond Jewellery, enveloping the jewellery market by the grandeur and splendor it emits.

To check out their collection log onto, diamond jewellery designs Connect with Narang’s Raj Jewelers via their facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/RajJewellers.NarangsGroup